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Construction, Home Improvement and Property Maintenance Specialists
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We are a "1-Stop" for all your construction, home improvement and property maintenance requirements 
We service the Greater Johannesburg area (including Sandton, Roodepoort, Randburg and surrounding areas) 

We do consultation, give advice on products and do problem solving. We help you to enhance the beauty of your home or business, by adding a touch of elegance.  
We offer a complete service, should you require it. Project Management, supply and delivery of material, complete product installations, construction work, finishing touches, clean-up and rubble removal afterwards. 

Construction Service, Property Maintenance Service, Painting Service, Electrical Service, Deck Building, Waterproofing, Roof Repairs, Drainage Installers, Ceilings and Cornices, Parking Lines and Numbers, Paving and Paving Repairs
Paving Installation and Paving Repairs
Ceiling, Cornice, Drywall Installation | Repair
Easy Drain Drainage Installation
Mould Removal, Repaint
Deck Building and Deck Maintenance
Drainage Installations
Patio Roof Installation
"Think Green" Roof Insulation
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Roof Insulation

Beat the hot / cold weather!! “Think Green” roof insulation is made from 100% recycled plastic (P.E.T. bottles), and is fire retardant.   


100 mm thick roll, covers 8.4 m² at only R 340.00 per roll!! (R-value: 2.50)   

130 mm thick roll, covers 7.2 m² at only R 340.00 per roll!! (R-value: 3.25)  

Easy Drain Installation

We do the installation of Easy Drain drainage systems. This system is ideal for tiled areas such as patios, swimming pool and Jacuzzi areas, paved terraces, walkways, driveways and any other area where water collects. 

Turbine Ventilators

Turbine ventilators provide ventilation for homes and industrial buildings, with no electricity costs. It can be installed on tiled roofs, as well as on galvanised steel roofs, including patio roofs and on containers.

Sun Decks

We install wooden decks. We do maintenance (wood sealant and treatment, new deck screws) and repairs of existing decks.

Drainage Installations

We can solve your drainage problem by installing a variety of drainage systems, including drain trenches with steel trench covers, drain pipes, agricultural drains and an Easy Drain System etc. 

Ceilings and Cornices

We do the installation of domestic and office ceilings and cornices. We also repair or replace existing ceilings.



Parking Bay Lines and Numbers

We paint traffic lines, parking bay lines and numbers on all surfaces, including tar, paving bricks, concrete slabs etc. We specialize in complexes, office blocks, doctor's rooms, hotels, day care centres and shopping centre areas.

Electrical Installations and Repairs

We do electrical installations, maintenance and repairs. COC available.    

Generator | Inverter | Solar

We do the installation of petrol or diesel generators, with automatic or manual change over switches. We supply and install inverters with battery banks (12 Volt | 24 Volt | 48 Volt) and (photovoltaic) solar panels with charge controllers

Building | Alterations | Renovations

We do turnkey building work (new buildings), renovations, restorations, additions, remodelling, improvement, minor or major repairs.

Paving and Paving Repairs

We do paving and paving repairs 

We can level sagged parts of your paving, replace damaged paving bricks, and give your old paving a new look.

Patio Roof Installation

We are available to help you create a comfortable and waterproof entertainment area. 

We can cover your patio area with an attractive roof. Many options are available, such as transparent (clear) or coloured fibreglass / polycarbonate sheets, galvanised metal sheets (IBR or corrugated iron), tiled roof etc

Torch On | Waterproofing

We do torch-on (torch on) and waterproofing of all surfaces

Mold (Mould, Mildew) Removal

We can solve your mold (mould, mildew) problem by removing the mould and to repaint the affected area with a mould resistant paint. Secondly, we can install an extractor fan to get rid of the steam in your bathroom

Cleaning Service

We provide a wide spectrum of cleaning services

Painting | Spray Painting

We do conventional painting as well as sand blasting and spray painting

Jacuzzi Installation and Repair

We do Jacuzzi installations with circulation pump, blower pump (bubbles) and heater systems. We also do repairs of existing systems. 

Roof Repair | Roof Painting

We paint and repair all kinds of roofs, including tiled roofs, corrugated iron roofs, flat roofs etc.

Tarmac, Driveway Repairs

We repair all tar (tarmac, asphalt) surfaces. We repair potholes and areas that are damaged by tree roots. 

We specialize in driveways, parking areas in complexes and shopping malls, as well as any other tarred surface.

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